Le Germain Hotels

Le Germain Hotels were founded on elegance and authenticity. Whether in Calgary, Toronto, Montréal or Québec City, staff at Le Germain properties have a singular goal: to make every person feel like a treasured guest in an environment where comfort and design go hand in hand, and where personalized, yet discreet service is of the utmost importance.

We can proudly say that we are pioneers: Groupe Germain Hotels opened the first boutique-hotel in Canada!

What is a boutique-hotel?

Boutique-Hotels are designed to satisfy customers passionate about design, quality and comfort.

Contrary to what the name implies, a boutique-hotel is not a hotel where one can buy things. We often speak of the feeling when we want to describe boutique-hotels, but the concept is defined mainly by:

  • Personalized service – an important factor in differentiation; anticipation of needs; clients are treated as guests;
  • Architecture and design – unique architecture, luxurious, stylish and simple design with an attention to detail and decor that offers an intimate atmosphere;
  • The average size of the establishment – generally less than 150 rooms;
  • An urban location – hotels located in major cities and in vibrant and trendy neighbourhoods.

Boutique-hotel concept

Emerging during the 1980s in New York City, the boutique-hotel niche market experienced a boom in the 1990s. This type of hotel fills the gap in the market left by the standardization of establishments by large hotel chains. In contrast to these, each boutique establishment develops a unique style based on a concept and a personality of its own. Each Le Germain establishment bears a distinctive signature, that is to say, each has a different lobby in terms of the look and the architecture. It’s the same for the rooms and other public areas in the hotels.

About Le Germain Hotels

Hotel under construction

  • Le Germain
    Hotel Ottawa

    Located in a unique mixed-use complex combining a hotel, condominiums a theatre and an art gallery.

    Opening: 2018

« We provide personalized services
and quality. Authenticity is reflected in
what we are and what we offer. »

Marie Pier Germain